I mean who doesn't love a pony tail?!?!

I mean who doesn't love a pony tail?!?!

Posted by Suz on 8th May 2019

We've all been there....

Can't be bothered to wash and style your hair, so up it goes, into a pony tail..

I mean you'd like to think that you're going to look effortlessly glamorous, like those girls you see at the gym, but truth is they've probably taken ages to perfect "the look", so don't feel bad that you look like you've just got out of bed when you try to replicate it!!!


Next time you're in the salon, ask us to show you how, that's what we're here for and next time you just wanna throw on a white V-necked t-shirt, jeans and trainers, you'll have the final piece of the jigsaw that you've been looking for....

Don't forget you'll need your Magi:Bobbles available from Team Fourteen reception at only £3 for a pack of 5 available in lots of different fun colours and more importantly don't cause damage to your hair, they are just the job, check out our on-line shop to the see the full range www.teamfourteen.co.uk..